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Swimming Pool & Spa Water Chemicals & Testing Kits

We are a long established independent manufacturer and supplier of chemicals and can trace our origins back to the late 1790's when our company was founded in Glasgow, Scotland. Today we provide a nationwide service from 8 locations across the UK (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast, Manchester, West Bromwich, Leeds, Purfleet & Northfleet). In addition to our industrial sales, via this website we offer a broad range of swimming pool & hot tub sanitizers, cleaners, water balancing products and water testing instruments which can be purchased on-line securely using a credit/debit card or PayPal. Our own Purisan® range offers exceptional value for money and each pack includes easy to follow dosing information.

Water as supplied via the UK mains is rarely properly balanced for pool use and presents many challenges for the pool operator to overcome in order to provide clean, healthy pool water and prevent bather ill-health and/or damage to expensive equipment. Calcium Hardness in the UK ranges from too hard in the south and east of the country through to too soft in the west and north, and the high level of phosphates, which acts as a food bank for algae and bacteria, is a huge problem nationwide. We supply solutions to these challenges and many more helping to deliver the enjoyment and wellbeing that bathers expect.

Purchases made from this site earn Reward Points which can be used to pay (or part pay) for orders subsequently placed and some of our products come with FREE "Extras" so have a good look around and see what you can find to your advantage!

Take control of your pool - it's your health, your wellbeing, your enjoyment, your money... your choice!

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  • THERE IS AN ECONOMICALLY VIABLE & HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE TO CHLORINE & BROMINE. The PristineBlue® water sanitation system provides totally chlorine-free disinfection of swimming pool and spa water thereby removing the risk of exposure to harmful chlorinating by-products such as Trichloramines and Tri Halo Methanes (THM) which will be present in chlorinated pools. If you cant tolerate exposure to chlorine or you are worried about the adverse effects on health and wellbeing of bathing in chlorinated pools then this system provides an extremely effective, well proven (over almost two decades) and economically viable alternative, which is the system of choice used in over 500,000 private pools across the USA. If your idea of maintaining healthy pool water is limited to just chucking in some chlorine every now and then this system probably is not for you. However if you are keen to provide crystal clear, clean water with superb feel, no stinging eyes, no unpleasant odours, no chloramine-induced respiratory distress or chemical drying of the skin or hair and which is fantastic to bathe in, then this system will get you there. Its simple to apply and normally it takes circa 48 hours to convert an operating pool from using chlorine to use PristineBlue® instead. No changes are necessary to pool operating equipment although we recommend that the filter media is changed if it is more than 1 year old or if calcium hypochlorite was used as the previous pool sanitizer. A PC computer program is available which provides step by step guidance covering pool water maintenance including which chemicals to dose, the quantities and sequence.
  • TIRED OF FIGHTING THE GREEN MONSTER? Phosphate Removers - Dosing a harmless phosphate remover will stop algae bloom and inhibit the growth of bacteria. In the UK most water companies dose ortho-phosphoric acid to the mains supply so as to control lead from leeching into water from lead pipework in our homes. Together with phosphates arising from other sources (including garden fertilizers, washing detergents and other pool chemicals etc) this breaks down into organo-phosphate which is a primary nutrient for algae and bacteria. In the UK it's not uncommon to find phosphate levels up to and around 2500ppb in pools whilst the recommended maximum is ZERO ppb. Removing phosphate will deprive algae of its food stopping bloom, and at the same time support the pool sanitizer by inhibiting bacterial infection. Better for bather health, better for the environment and overall better than using chlorine shocks or algaecides. Phosphate removers work by precipitating phosphate out of the water to the filter from where it is washed away by filter cleaning. Whilst the use of a phosphate remover will benefit all pools (public or private) we strongly recommend, in particular, that a phosphate remover is used for any pool which is not equipped with an automatic sanitizer dosing system. Your reward for removing phosphates is that less sanitizer will be consumed thereby on balance saving time and money. 
  • Chlorine-free Oxidizers - Using chlorine as a "shock" to oxidize unfilterable organic matter is difficult to apply properly even for the experts, and results in significant pool downtime while the chlorine level retreats to safe bathing levels. Using a non-chlorine shock is just as effective (if not more so), is kinder to our environment, better for bather health and the pool down time is brief (normally between 15 - 30 minutes).
  • Coagulants - Dosing a coagulant is considered to be essential in maintaining healthy water. No filter by itself will remove all "undesirables" and dosing a coagulant will help the filter to trap very small particulate matter including Giardia & Cryptosporidium oocysts which are not killed normally by the pool sanitizer.

If you are a domestic pool owner located in the UK & would like to discuss any of these points further look for us on line via our Live Messaging Service. Please note that we do not provide pool maintenance services but are happy to support your pool maintenance technician with advice & guidance within our areas of knowledge, experience & expertise.

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