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Lo-Chlor Starver X Phosphate Remover - 1 Ltr

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Lo-Chlor Starver X Phosphate Remover - 1 Ltr
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Lo-Chlor Starver X a premum high strength phosphate remover

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Lo-Chlor Starver X - 1 Ltr a premium high strength phosphate remover.

The presence of phosphates in swimming pool water is not harmful and in chlorinated pools would not normally require the application of a phosphate remover providing that the free-chlorine level is maintained in the range 1.5 - 3ppm AT ALL TIMES so if you have auto-dosing of chlorine this should not be a problem. However a problem will arise if you have high phosphates and the free chlorine level drops out, because in this situation an algae attack is likely and can be sudden and vicious! If your pool doesn't have any phosphates then algae will not bloom even if there is no chlorine in the pool.

So where do phosphates come from? In the UK almost all water companies dose ortho-phosphoric acid to mains water so as to suppress lead from leaching into the water from old lead pipes in our homes. This, together with phosphates arising from other sources like garden fertilizers, detergents, water metal and scale removers, human skin etc over time will break down to form organo-phosphates which are a food bank for algae.

Dosing: To lower Phosphate level in 11,000 gallon (50,000 ltr) pool by 6ppm (6000ppb) dose 1000 mls Starver X. In the same sized pool to remove 1ppm (1000ppb) phosphate dose 168 mls.

Use Lo-Chlor Starver X where the phosphate level is above 2000ppb (200ppm). If the level is lower than this use Lo-Chlor Starver.

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Additional Information

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